Chidori's Life Edit

Chidori is a 12 year old male. His birthday is August 20th. He was very bright as a student in school, acing tests, doing 2nd grade work in 1st grade, although he did not skip 2nd grade :). Soon in 7th grade, he started to slak off a bit.

TPPC Present and History Edit

Chidori Soul orginally joined somewhere in November of '07. His orginal account number was 1588489, but he then changed his account number to 1763094, which is now his previous account. Chidori is happy to still be on top in ranks being the Weavile Master. His craze about golds has led him to do many things to get them. He has had many great memories, getting a 4k, trading it.

TPPC Activity Edit

Chidori is still a very unique individual on TPPC. He is a very fast trainer, getting his Dark Weavile to 5k. Once he does that, he plans to trade a bit, then wing the rest. Just roll with the flow.

Name History Edit

Chidori Soul orginally came from Chidori from the anime, Naruto. His friend, Sharingan Soul encouaged him to change it to Chidori, so he eventually became the only Chidori Soul.

Okay but... Edit

...who cares?