Closed Threads Edit

Threads that are no longer asscesable by players in the the Forums. A thread can be closed due to excessive vulgar language, excessive spamming, innappropriate topics for TPPC, or no one has posted in that thread for quite a while.

If a Thread is Closed By Edit

The person who started it- They can choose to close it themselves for spamming of other players, or because no one has posted in it or responded to their threads.

A S. Mod- If someone with this status in the RPG deletes or closes a thread, it usually ends with a ban. If the S. mod Realizes that this person has been banned more than once, they will proceed with an IP address ban.

Mod- See S. Mod

Shrimpy- Although it is very unlikely for our Administrator to come on and close threads, if he does, you probably won't ever be able to access TPPC for a while