The following actions allow you to create a new article upon TPPPedia.

Go to New Page and edit the page, creating an internal link to the topic for which you wish to add, and then save the page. Once you are back at the newly saved page, click your link and edit the information into the new page which appears, which will update into the article you wished to add. The same process follows for any links in red - simply click them and you will be directed to an edit page for that topic and be able to enter the article from there.

A second way to add an article is to simply go to the articles name. If the article does not exist, it will request that you add it or search for it. Click the link requesting you to add the article, and follow the previous precedure.

The last way to do so is to visit the Main Page, and simply type in your new article into the text field. It will open up the editor, and from there, write away.

Make sure when you create a page, after you're done check the disclaimers page to see if your page needs one.