About/History Edit

Darkheart is a 28 year old female living in southwestern New York state, USA. Darkheart came to TPPC on June 2nd, 2002, having become disillusioned with the state of Neopets, her old 'hangout' site. Faced with unhelpful staff there after a site exploit left her account decimated, she left Neopets upon being referred to TPPC. Her first account number was made in early to mid V4 and was 24168, which she ended up building up to be her main account. It remains so. Her best friends on TPPC included Goden, Teddy12, Gman, Kurai_Tenshi, illuzion, EvilSpiritDragon, Kife, Splurge, Fallen, and more. She was known for her love of GoldenHoundours and GoldenHoundooms, and she still holds her collection of these. She often hung around in the old TPPC chatrooms on the MediaDriven server's old incarnation. She was once the third strongest player on TPPC itself, and the strongest female player, but a few years after she joined the site she quit actively playing and training and so slipped in ranks. She still retains her old account, and has now become a super-moderator (and so has assumed the duties of such). Unfortunately, she has since lost contact with many of the old friends. She has made relatively few new friends because TPPC is now more of a job to her, but a lot of TPPC players still know who she is at the least.

Activity Edit

Formerly one of the major TPPC players, Darkheart does more moderating than playing now. She is a major chat force in the absence of many other 'oldies'. She is also active on the forums. She is likely to be lurking/idly watching, even if not posting or talking in chat at the time. Though hard to trade with in most cases, she does offer things for trade from time to time, and tries to hold some freebie contests as well. Her trading mostly comes out of the account 24564, where she has moved her 'extras' that she no longer feels she needs.

Non-TPPC Edit

Darkheart enjoyed going to local punkrock shows when they were in her area. She spends a lot of time outside, and the related activities are some of her favorite hobbies. Other times, she writes fiction or draws, being gifted in the arts. She is somewhat of a loner and seems withdrawn, but enjoys the company of a few close friends. She is a tomboy that does not enjoy parties or many of the typical activities done normally by those her age.

Name History Edit

She has always been and always will be Darkheart. The name itself is a simple descriptor of how she appears to others at times. The name is also one she uses in other places online, and she signs her drawings or her "anonymous"-type writings with it as well.