Gk is currently a moderator on TPPC, and has been as such for a few months now (Novermber 30th, 2008). Currently he is most accessible through the TPPC chatrooms where he's online more often than not, and occasionally on the forums.


He originally started playing TPPC while it was mid-v4. His first promo was a ShinyCaterpie. Initially the game was fun, addictive. It was new and fresh. Pokemon that went up to infinite levels, healthy competition, all these gyms and challenges.. and not to mention all the different kinds of legends. It was quite moumental. As he got more and more into the game, he started frequenting the forums and chatrooms aswell. After a while, he got used to the people, the general attitude and the rules. This addiction only grew, and for a some years after (about till v6) he kept playing. However at this point, due to changes in his life, his interests shifted and the game started to get neglected. Certain friends had started to leave, and he eventually just drifted away from it. This hiatus lasted about two years, at which point he rediscovered all the old memories left. While the people were gone, TPPC was still there, the forums were still there and the chats were still there. With the help of older friends, he slowly got back into the game. Only this time, he was more dominantly on the forums and chats where he once again started trying to refamiliarize himself with the people.

Personal HistoryEdit

He is brown. In pakistan, born and raised. Moved to Canada around age 11, attended grades 7 to 9 in Toronto and then moved to Ottawa where he now resides, having done grades 10 and 11, currently completing grade 12.


Very much into the whole computer-oriented phase. Programming being an aspiration for the future, he's constantly on the computer either relaxing, talking to people, listening to music, doing some gaming or some programing. Funnily enough, he works at a convenience store.

Player's opinion about GkEdit

Gk's a great guy. He has an intellectual mind and a good sense of humor. He deserves the position he got from the game.