The Gracidea is an Item first appeared in Version 8 of TPPC.

Obtaining one in TPPCEdit

Currently in Version 8, the Secret Key is obtained from a battle with a Missing Radio Engineer found on a secret passage in the Dark Islands unlocked by using a Secret Key.

Their team consists of MrMime, Steelix, Porygon-Z, Magnezone, Electivire, and Shaymin. Their levels, save for Shaymin, scale to the highest-leveled Pokemon in your party.

As of now, Shaymin's level will scale to the highest leveled Pokemon in your party multiplied by 2.6.


  • Attaching the Gracidea to the first Pokemon in your party, and venturing into any Map gives a chance to find, battle, and obtain a Shaymin.
  • Attaching Gracidea to a Shaymin can evolve it into Shaymin's Sky form using the Evolution Gym.


  • After defeating the wild Shaymin, the Gracidea breaks.
  • Gracidea also breaks when you use it to evolve Shaymin to its Sky Form.