Lawnbuddha Chilling At Home?

About LawnbuddhaEdit

Lawnbuddha (player ID#271979) is a long-time trainer who is perhaps most famous for his collection of Shiny, Dark, and Normal Sudowoodos having the (?) gender. He also plays and trades under the names Dark Lawnbuddha and Shiny Lawnbuddha. Lawnbuddha is the father of two girls, the oldest of whom has her own training account on TPPC.

Origin Of The NameEdit

The name "Lawnbuddha" refers to a story, possibly apocryphal, about a group of kids stealing a common lawn ornament, in the shape of a Buddha, from a neighbor's lawn. The story says that these kids then take the "Lawn Buddha" all over the world, taking pictures of it in different locales, and sending the pictures to its owner. Eventually, the ornament is secretly returned to the lawn of the owner with no explanation ever given for the escapade.

The story is probably apocryphal in that it has been repeated many times, in many different areas of the world, with slight variations (ie. sometimes it is a lawn gnome).

Lawnbuddha, the player, took this name as a stage-name in a band he performed bass in in the early to mid 1990's, and has used this as his nom de plume ever since.

Lawnbuddha's Trainer Card by Velvet Nightmare



main account/Sudowoodo(?) Museum - 271979(Lawnbuddha)
Shiny Swaps - 665928(Shiny Lawnbuddha)
Dark Swaps - 694845(Dark Lawnbuddha)
Trading Account - 815402(Paras Hilton)