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Today's Featured Article: Trainer's Corner


Trainer's Corner Main Page

TPPC online forums, also known as Trainer's Corner or TC is the forum for which all TPPC related cotent is posted. It is linked to the user's accounts on the Trainer's Corner Main Page, with most options being found within the edit profile for the RPG. As with many forums, it is broken up into different sub-forums for different topics, and many people of various backgrounds and experiences gather together to discuss.. Read on?

TPPC and TPPP Happenings!

  • Categories added to all pages. While writing new pages, check out what categories to add them to.
  • New Disclaimers Page added, check there before adding articles, after adding articles, while editing articles, when reading articles, etc.
  • Ghost Series Contest 5 created, stickified, and running.
  • Poe creates Poe's Fan Club, so all you Poe worshipers have somewhere to hang out.
  • Current Promo: Shiny Wingull
  • Some TPPP Templates have changed, new pages added, etc. Look around to see what you've missed.
  • Currently working on many redirection pages, so that searches can be easier.

Random Threads of the Day!

  1. Trades Forum: how many 1ks is d.parasect worth lv 1693
  2. Sack Full of Muk: Holland - Argentina
  3. Help Furum: find mod.. (locked)
  4. Pokemon Games Forum: how do i play my gb pokemon on stadium
  5. Moves Forum: plz reply to my other mesage about moves

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