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He is a 14 years old male living in the Toronto. His original name on TPPC was Swiftdestiny. He desperatly tried to Train his squirtle high enough to evolve, but with no succes. Left TPPC an unknown giving his level 55 squirtle away.


Years later Mike realized that life was getting boring so he turned on his PC and tried to log in to TPPC but his account was gone due to a server crash. Mike was not discouraged. He created a new account under the name Mike5252.
After about 3 weeks Mike discovered the trainers corner there he met another trainer, named Mastersdanny. He trained Mikes squirtle to lvl 400. Soon after this, Mike made a couple good trades, getting 2 1ks. On top of that, from a semi-retired friend he got a level 1800 pokemon.
In June 2006 On The 9th Mike secret swapped his blastoise and got a DarkArcanine, that he consideres his prized possesion. He gave a 1k to a trainer called ChewyPepsi. He soon sold the 1k.

Present days

Mike is proud owner of the Poliwrath master, that is over 500 Levels over the second ranked. He is a active trainer in Trades Or Sack Full Of Muck.