PampkenPai used to play TPPC, but is now a regular at the chats and a frequest visitor of the forums. PampkenPai's trainer numbers were: 631385 and 11402.


PampkenPai never really managed any thing in the RPG, and quit very soon after he created 631385 during February of 2006. He first entered TPPC's chatroom, then run by Hami Karu, in March, 2006. He has been a regular in the chats (barring several vacations) since.

TPPC's IRC ChatroomEdit

PampkenPai can almost always be found on the chat everyday. He is very aggressive towards rule-breakers, even going to the point of breaking the rules himself to get a little "fun" from harassing rulebreakers. PampkenPai is also the creator of the "Chatroom Moments" thread in Sack Full Of Muk, where other chatroom users post 'funny' chatroom lines.

Scripting AbilitiesEdit

PampkenPai is a very talented mIRC scripter for his age (13). Jinsley, aka Nub, is one of the only people more skilled than PampkenPai in mIRC scripting in TPPC's chat. However, PampkenPai's laziness causes him to take a long time to finish a script.

Chatroom ServicesEdit

PampkenPai used to run a channel, #DoWhateverYouWant, but it was dropped on September 27th, 2007, when PampkenPai's first vacation from the chat started. PampkenPai ran a few games in #DoWhateverYouWant, including Trivia, 8ball, Uno, and various guessing games. He also might help a select few with their mIRC scripts or IRC in general.

Outside the ChatroomEdit

As PampkenPai is rarely outside the chatroom, he is not very well-known. In the forums, he can be found mostly in the Handheld Games and Sack Full Of Muk sub-forums. He has (unsuccessfully) tried to play TPPC again.


Some might say PampkenPai has multiple personality disorder, or even to the extremes of saying he is bipolar. Overall, PampkenPai usually has a nice personality. However, when he is ticked off, it's generally not pretty.

Other SkillsEdit

PampkenPai is a 4.0 GPA student (can't be that hard when you're only in seventh grade, right?). He enjoys messing around with Photoshop. He is also very skilled in Pokemon competitive battling.


PampkenPai is also known as Fatal. However, some people, such as king_killa and GrammarBot, still call him Theo, which was one of his first names on chat.


No one really knows where PampkenPai got his name, but he has said that he got it from a drunken old man who was eating pumpkin pie. The name "Fatal" was suggested to him by Hami Karu.