Schwein, totally the best!! - Dark_Kn|ght

In Soviet Russia, Schwein eats you - Killua

About SchweinEdit

Schwein is a TPPCRPG dot Net player. TPPCRPG itself is an online Pokemon RPG. Schwein is taken from a German language word. Schwein means pig. Schwein use Schwein because he takes German Language is his second language in his school, since he sucks at Mandarin, which was the other option.

He first started play TPPC when he was in the 6th grade, which was around year 2001-2002. His ID number is #15196 and some bunch others. Some say he has around 40 accounts, excluding the banned accounts. Exact amount? No one knows. He likes to keep his belongings sorted, that's why he sort his belongings into different accounts. So who knows, the account you are viewing right now belong to him.