TheUnborn Version: theUnborn has been here since 2003 in versipn 3 her account was 46123 which got banned becasue of some that has hacked and AA';ed onit but now she restarted with couple of houdours and now have been banned gain for being rude to other members of staff becasue she broke up with her boyfriend she started again but now she had a golden mewoth (? 2499 which was also trained by soemone an AA'er :o but otherwise then she got unbanned couple of years later and retunred for tppc for good she live in oxford UK the top most trainer she is popular and has passed Her GCSE and got good grade came out with A's and B's and couple of days later her dog Died:(

and she also has couple of reidn she was kinda naughty back in 8th grade but now she is okay and well with a good job she always wanted to be a moderator but neevr happend


TRUE Version: Theunborn has not been here since 2003 or since version 3 as he/she claims, and even if he/she had, 46123 did not occur as an account in version 3. 46123 is what he/she claims as its original account, but he/she actually traded for this account and is almost certainly a newer player, having been unknown in the past. 46123 got banned because TheUnborn AA'd on it, even though he/she won't admit it. Multiple other bans have been set on this user for continual AAing, scam attempts, and ban evasions. Despite this, he/she tries to make him/herself out to be an innocent party.

ADDENDUM:  TheUnborn is also an idiot on the chats.  True story.