Titles Edit

On the forums, every single trainer has a title. This title is shown in the left side of every posts, under the name of the trainer and trainer number. The title showes the starter pokemon that he had last time his Trainers Corner signature was edited. For an example, if a trainer has the title "DarkTyranitar Trainer", it means his starter was Dark Tyranitar. Just changing the starter, and not modifying the Trainers Corner signature does not affect the title.
Other players, such as the staff, have personal titles, such as GundamGirl. Her title is : Pre-Approved for Self-Approval. Other trainers recived special titles at some point, but they where removed by Kife soon after he became a moderator.

Top Trainer Edit

The name was giving over the years to the person holding the number one trainer spot. Several players held it at some point, but lost it due to two factors: they where overtaken by someone alse, or received a ban for breaking one or more rules. Starting with the latest version, there are three different rankings. A individual pokemon ranking, a poke team ranking and a team ranking.

Individual Pokemon Edit

Here you will find the top 10.000 pokemon. Account that are carry a ban are not listed on any ranks. Here you will also find a link called "View My Ranked Pokémon". It will display a page showing your ranked pokemons. Trainers are added automatically to ranks during the update that starts at approximately 5:00 AM EST (TPPC time).

PokeTeam RankingsEdit

Ranking are based off a trainer's starter six Pokémon at the time the ranking script is run. What does it mean: at the moment of ranks updates, the scrips sums the experience points of your starting six pokemons. The combined experience of them gives a roster level.

Team Rankings Edit

These rankings are based off the number of faction points a trainer has at the time the script runs.

Current top top trainers Edit

Individual: Trainer #77888 - f00sh with a GoldenScizor level 11,002

Master titleEdit

In earlier versions, when a trainer had the highest pokemon of a certain type,for example GoldenGloom, on the Trainers Corner, under his name was written: GoldenGloom Master.

As swapping became more prevailent, and the ability for someone with a large Pokemon to change it to a different "Master" position every day, this was discontinued.

Even if is no longer available, people still refer to others or themselves with a certain poke master title, such as "DarkChansey master". It means they have the highest ranked dark chansey in this case.